Piano Moving


Moving a piano is generally best done by professional piano movers as it is a fairly touchy business. Pianos are not only quite heavy, but they also tend to carry their weight in an awkward shape and bulkiness, and it’s easy to see why a piano has very unique situations when it comes to moving. Entrusting to anyone less than a specialty mover can put it at risk of serious damage for the piano, especially if it’s antique or has sentimental value.



Piano Disposal


If your piano has reached the end of its life and if you are not willing to pay to have it properly restored or repaired, the responsible thing to do is to dispose of it. Lots of older pianos are made with quality woods that could be used for other things and proper disposal should be adhered to prevent unnecessary fines.



Piano Storage


Finding high-quality storage is an important component of many moving projects, our piano storage facility is secure and moved by piano experts. We provide safe and reliable storage facility for your pianos as long as you'd like. Contact us and we will make necessary arrangements for your piano to be transported at a reasonable and affordable rate.



Piano Tuning


A piano should be tuned on a regular periodic basis, whether they are played hard or hardly at all. The purpose of regular tuning is not simply to make your piano sound better. Having an experienced piano tuner service your instrument can determine whether or not your piano needs additional preventative maintenance to safeguard the viability and integrity of the instrument.


Piano Rental


Renting is really a very popular option for many beginning pianists, as it affords greater flexibility while developing and building a relationship with an instrument. When it comes to piano rental for your home or events, whether you need a upright or grand piano for a short-term engagement or considering renting a piano for a long-term usage, we are able to arrange and assist with any of your requirements.



Harpsichord Moving


Harpsichord commonly has a shape similar to a grand piano, the metal strings are sounded by plucking with a small plectrum, The variety of sounds from these plucked instruments are achieved by phrasing and articulation. Moving such fragile and sensitive instrument should be done by specialty mover that gives you greater assurance on the job will be handled with greater precision and care.


Residential Moving

Hiring a local moving company to handle your relocation can cost less than renting a truck and moving yourself. We cover labor, packing and transportation including miscellaneous fee, It really adds up when you cover the entire moving process yourself. Save the hassle and find a mover the easy way.



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