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Jie Transport Service was established in July 2016, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the most professional and quality care during each transportation. By entrusting your valuable items to us and we know how to get the job done with the utmost in skill, tailored to your specific needs. Piano require special consideration due to the complexity involved. Our moving technique has been greatly eased the daunting task of moving pianos, we are equipped with the best knowledge and experience with specialized equipment to safely transport your precious musical instruments.



Reasons to Consider a Professional Piano Moving Company


Piano moving is often a stressful and difficult task. It is encouraged that pianos need to be moved by a trained specialist that has special knowledge and skillsets, this is something you should really consider using a specialized company and hiring a professional for the job.


Differences between a Professional Piano Mover and General Mover


Piano mover uses specialized equipment and packing which facilitates moving and loading the piano efficiently, also to reduce the amount of physical lifting or carrying and use techniques to move the piano effortlessly.

When it comes to navigating tricky staircases, it's all down to technique and experience. Piano movers understand the science and the art of moving pianos through a staircase which requires lifting up and maneuvering. The key element to a successful coordinated team requires maintaining of communication throughout the moving operations.




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